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Jan 03
Someone finally sees some cracks in the financial wall.

some predications, you just need to wait and see what happens.

Nov 06
Huge win for REALTORS® in Ontario’s fall 2021 economic update. Breaking news on Canada’s housing crisis.

There is a housing crisis in Ontario, it’s not that we don’t have homes or…

Nov 02
The Bank Of Canada May Need 8 Rate Hikes To Combat Inflation: Scotiabank

How much more can you afford? If the BOC made 1 or 8 adjustments to the Candian key…

Oct 30
September Market Snapshot: Another Month of Stabilization

The professional brains at and CREA have put together a great easy to…

Oct 28
Consumer Confidence and Economic Optimism Bolster Canadian Luxury Real Estate Market as Downtown Living Revitalizes

It was only a matter of time before the residents returned to the downtown core. The…

Oct 27
The Bank Of Canada Has No Justification To Continue Extreme Stimulus

It’s a great time to be a property owner in Canada, but soon it might get a…

Mar 31
BC’s NRST – what is it?

All foreign national, foreign corporation or taxable trustees, must pay the additional…

Mar 30
Canada’s Foreign buyers tax – Ontario

Did you know if you invest in Canadian hot bed real estate markets like Toronto,…