Ageing Bungalow selling for $4 million.

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Ageing bungalow selling for $4 million. This property sat for two years and is now selling for this unbelievable price. We at luxury listings wish to tell you about this house as we cannot believe what they are selling this for. Back in 2020 1356 Oak Lane sold for $3 million. The reason it sold for this was not for how it looked but because of the land value. The home does sit on almost two acres of land in Lorne Park in Toronto. In 2020 the listing read “Truly a one of a kind property with the option to build your dream home or possibly sever into two lots!”. 

Two years later the listing reads the same but is selling for $4,288,000.

This house has jumped $1 million dollars in two years with no renovations being done to it and nothing has been done to improve the property. Based on photos it looks like the property has been empty for two years. If anything it looks worse than it was in 2020. The bathroom has red square tiles and the basement has a pink carpet and up in the living room is covered in blue carpet.

The interior has dated wallpaper and a lot of wood paneling. It is very out of date, the living room is old-fashioned but is coming back in style, the vaulted ceilings are stunning, the kitchen is outdated and very small for a house priced at this amount.

Some odd things in this Ageing Bungalow …

is a hot tub in the middle of a carpeted bedroom or an oven in the middle of a wall. I don’t understand why? No matter how weird or out of style the interior is of this house, it doesn’t matter because this home is still being sold for land value. The land went up 30% in the last two years.

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